When we first meet with a client they often have already thought of a number of various strategies they want to implement to help them achieve their financial goals. This generally includes specific questions they want to be answered. Should I buy/sell an investment property? Can we afford to move home? Is Superannuation something for me?

Globe Financial Planning works proactively with our clients on strategies that will help them turn their strategic goals into reality and how the implementation of a financial decision can impact on a clients wealth creation, cashflow or tax.

Globe prides itself on the hands-on approach we take by working closely with you to thoroughly assess and compare all of your available options by objectively modelling different case scenarios. This allows you to visualise the financial effects in the short, medium and long terms.

Modelling case scenarios allows you to be fully informed as to whether a new property can be purchased particularly if housing interest rates were to increase substantially or if that overseas dream holiday can become a reality because of an increase in available cash flow.

Globe endeavours to work with all of our clients to ensure they have a fully informed choice about their next financial strategic future.


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