Globe Financial Planning is an independent financial planning firm founded in 2009 and located in West Perth, Western Australia.


Being an independent financial planning firm is something we proudly share with all of our clients and something they value!


Primarily because it reaffirms our commitment to putting our clients first and providing peace of mind that we are not just going to sell them a product.

Very few financial advisers can call themselves independent. It is a term restricted in law and requires an adviser to meet a very high hurdle. That is why less than 1% of advisers meet the criteria.

It means that we don’t charge asset-based fees, we don’t receive commission, we don’t receive referral payments and we don’t have any ownership by financial institutions.

Who We Work With

We specialise in helping professionals, business owners and those families approaching or already in retirement. We also provide a service for those that have recently experienced a significant (and complex) life event. This may include matters such as divorce, inheritance or a sudden windfall.

Globe clients value having a trusted adviser on whom they can rely to help them make their important money decisions over the long term.

We are not for everyone and in particular, we do not typically deal in single-issue advice. Whilst we appreciate ad hoc advice is important, Globe is generally unable to assist.

Why Globe Financial Planning?

Globe is inspired by the prosperous country we live in and the opportunities that are available to all those who seek to find them. We are excited by the dreams, goals and ambition that we all have and the things we wish to achieve no matter how personal or unique they are.

Globe is passionate about making those personal dreams, aspirations and opportunities a reality by helping people make smart decisions with their money to ensure they have a life of choice, not a life by default. It’s your money, your life.

As testament to the work we do, Globe’s principal David Sharpe was recently shortlisted as one of the top 3 CFP practitioners in Australia.