Services for Business

Services for Business

The success and profitability of many businesses in Australia is largely dependent on the health, energy and focus of their owners.

At Globe Financial Planning we work with corporate clients assisting them in planning for unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

These include:

  • Business Succession Planning
    Working collaboratively with accountants and solicitors to map out a business succession plan that covers a range of voluntary and involuntary contingencies, for example the retirement of a partner or the death of an owner.
  • Capital
    Providing additional capital to a business to cover business debts, directors guarantees or perhaps simply the loss of goodwill in a business due to the ill-health of one of the owners.
  • Revenue Streams
    Providing addition revenue streams should a key person be unable to fulfill a role in the business that it imperative to the revenue that person creates.

Globe Financial Planning works with you to assess the potential threats to your business and ensure that all appropriate safeguard strategies are implemented to help minimise any negative impact on your business lifeline.