Cashflow and Budgeting

Cash Flow and Budgeting

Globe Financial Planning prides itself on working with our clients to help them achieve their lifestyle and financial goals. This process commences with an overview of the clients cashflow and budgeting strategies.

Managing cashflow and budgets does not need to be an onerous task, nor does it always mean tightening the belt. Cashflow provides the key foundation to achieving many of life’s goals whether it be providing children’s education, taking a holiday or funding retirement. For some clients this can mean setting aside money to spend on their goals which they have always put off for fear it could affect them long term.

There is a very simple way to build wealth to achieve your goals and that is to spend less than you earn. It sounds simple enough and if you ask most people what they earn they could probably tell you. However, if you ask someone where their money goes, the answer is far more difficult. When setting a budget, remember that it isn’t simply sacrificing and going without, it is about having a clear understanding of what the ‘expenditure’ side of the equation is.

At Globe Financial Planning we provide simple yet effective techniques that help you set and stick to your cashflow plan that doesn’t require you to track every dollar.