The new cost of being comfortable

A Will isn’t always the way

You would have heard the saying: “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. This statement is usually used to encourage people who are losing enthusiasm for a task or goal.  But it also reflects the way many people feel about estate planning. They think that so long as you have a will, you have a…

Financial scams target over 50s

Australians aged over 55 who may be looking for ramped up returns are most likely to fall prey to scams. Over the last year 105,000 Australians have fallen victim to financial scams, collectively losing $85 million to fraudsters – an average of $26,408 per person. This represents a 15% rise in the incidence of scams…

Why a budget isn’t about sacrifice

For most of us ‘spending’ is the first thing that springs to mind when we have money. So when a financial adviser suggests the idea of having a ‘budget’ most of us recoil in horror. It’s because many people believe that budgeting is all about sacrifice – in other words, having to cut back on…

The new cost of being comfortable

Australia’s perception of a comfortable lifestyle has shifted significantly upwards in recent decades, according to new research from MLC called the ‘Australia Today’ report. For most, this new comfortable living comes at a high cost. Almost half of all Australians believe you need a household income of at least $150,000 to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in Australia.

5 Small Things you can do to make the most of your money in Retirement

If you’re retired, you don’t want to fritter away the savings you’ve worked all your life to achieve. So, whether you’re living a comfortable or modest lifestyle in retirement, there are still ways you can make every dollar count and stretch your dollar further.

Estate planning: not just for the wealthy

Contrary to popular belief, estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy. Estate planning can help your family during a particularly difficult and emotional time.

3 key considerations for SMSF investors in the lead up to Retirement

Australians are enjoying longer and more active retirements than ever before, so what can you do to help make sure your money lasts?

Avenues in Aged Care

Approaching the aged care discussion can be difficult for everyone involved. However, starting the conversation earlier on in life could broaden your loved one’s options and help ensure their wishes are met.

$, they are a disappearing

Many of us feel a little taxed about the money we pay to Governments and do our best to legally minimise it. Yet around 7 million accounts worth $18 billion in lost Super are sitting with the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Fortunately it is now easier to find any lost Super and return it to…

SMSF Limited Recourse Borrowing

Given the growing focus on SMSF limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBA) in the media and the repercussions if the rules are not followed, the below provides an overview of this strategy noting benefits and risks. What is an SMSF limited recourse borrowing arrangement? An SMSF LRBA usually involves an SMSF taking out a loan from…